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Smart Watch

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Our beautiful range of smart watches will provide you with a sporty bright wearable. Very quickly you will find you will find it an essential and beautiful piece to own.

If you are worried that you cannot try-before-you-buy. Please allow us to share some of the delights and conveniences our smart watches provide. Here are several useful, real-world benefits our smart watches.

  1. Notifications
    Receiving message and call notifications on your wrist allows you to identify their importance without having to take your phone out saving you time.
  2. Fitness
    Pedometer and sedentary reminders gently allow you to keep track of your daily activity and stay in control of your fitness levels.
  3. Music
    Connect to your phone and play your music with Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Battery Life
    Save the battery on your phone, by not constantly having to use it. 48hr to 36 hr Battery life, means you are good to go all day on your watch.
  5. Camera
    Catch unexpected photo ops by not having to reach for your phone.
  6. Security
    Using you watch instead of your highly expensive smart phone can provide an extra layer of security, should your environment require it.