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Radiator Cover – Vertical

Radiator Cover – Vertical

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Our beautifully crafted Copenhagen Radiator Covers add style and sophistication to any room or space. They do, however, do so much more.

Heat Efficient

Due to their carefully engineered design, The Copenhagen Radiator Cover has strategically placed vents, and Lats positioned to facilitate optimal air circulation.

Extra Shelf Space

The Copenhagen Radiator Cover is a beautifully designed multipurpose piece of furniture. Providing you with added shelf space throughout your home.

Focal Point

The Copenhagen Radiator Cover acts as an attractive focal point in any room or space, enhancing décor and design.

Our affordable Copenhagen Radiator Cover is made from engineered wood for long-lasting durability, finished in white. Easy to assemble, install and maintain, they come in various sizes. Please see the menu and product details Tab for information on sizes available.

Note: Measuring prior to order: Allow for radiator valves.

Note: Please ensure the wood has acclimatised for at least24 hours in its intended location prior to installation.