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Electric Clothes Airer with Extension Wings

Electric Clothes Airer with Extension Wings

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Electric Clothes Airers with Extension Wings – the ultimate solution for efficient and convenient fabric drying:

Fast Drying: Say goodbye to damp clothes! Our Electric Clothes Airers are specially designed for fast warming and drying of fabrics, making them perfect for delicate items that require gentle care.

Foldable & Lightweight: No more struggling with bulky and heavy drying racks. Our airers are ingeniously crafted to be foldable and lightweight, allowing you to effortlessly store them behind the door or in a small space when not in use.

Cost Saving: Embrace eco-consciousness while saving on your electricity bill! With only 230W of power consumption, our Electric Clothes Airers are exceptionally energy-efficient compared to traditional dryers, ensuring both a reduced environmental footprint and cost savings.

Experience the Advanced Technology: 20 Heating Tubes: We take drying seriously, which is why our racks are equipped with a remarkable 20 heating tubes. Enjoy uniform and efficient drying for all your laundry, from small garments to larger items.

One-Integrated Structure: Skip the complicated assembly process. Our Electric Clothes Airers come in a one-integrated structure, ready to use right out of the box. Enjoy hassle-free setup and a stable, anti-slip design for worry-free drying.

Unmatched Strength: Reinforced with strengthen parts, our airers boast an impressive 15KG loading capacity. Equivalent to drying 30 T-shirts simultaneously! Experience superior durability and peace of mind when drying heavier garments.

Upgrade Your Laundry Experience: Tired of waiting hours for your clothes to dry? Want to save on electricity without compromising on efficiency? Look no further than our Electric Clothes Airers with Extension Wings. Experience the next generation of fabric drying that combines speed, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

Make laundry days a breeze with our feature-packed Electric Clothes Airers. Fast-drying capabilities, portability, and energy efficiency make them an essential addition to any modern household. Save time, money, and the environment – transform your laundry routine today!


Size:1470*540 940mm

Folded size:1130*540*54mm

Material: Aluminum

Heating tubes qty.:20

Tube diameter:14*10mm;12mm;16mm

Drying space: 12m

Surface Finish: Oxidized


Cable length:1.4m

5 minutes heat up to 45 55I 

P level: IPX1